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Administration Manager

Based in Torbay, to be responsible for the financial administration of LAL Language Centres UK Ltd (London, Torbay and UK Summer Schools) and day-to-day finance and compliance management at LAL Torbay.
  • Salary: Dependant on Experience
  • Location: Paignton
  • Division: Lal Torbay
  • Contract length: Permanent

(Posted in All Jobs, England, LAL Torbay, on 14th September 2016)

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Become a Host Home

    (Posted in All Jobs, Berkhamsted, Brighton, England, LAL London, LAL Torbay, London St Mary's, UK Summer Schools, Winchester, on 28th February 2015)

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    Our US Summer Schools

      (Posted in Information, on 28th January 2015)

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