UK Summer School Newsletter

Hello from the Summer Schools Office!

How does this message find you? Looking forward to working with LAL again next summer we hope! Thank you so much for your support and your hard work that brought high praise and excellent feedback from our students, IGLs and agents.

Further to the feedback responses that we sent to you recently, please find below news of changes in store for LAL Summer Schools in 2016:

Changes for 2016

UK Summer Schools Head Office: After 3 enjoyable and successful summers with LAL, Shane is moving on to new challenges within the industry and is leaving his role as Recruitment Officer in January.

We are currently in the process of recruiting the replacement for Shane’s position if you are interested in applying for the role of Summer Schools Recruitment & Operations Co-ordinator you will find the job description and application form on our careers website

LAL’s UK Summer Schools will be merging office with LAL London in early January which will result in extra support for both departments during busy operational periods.

A new Head of Young Learners, Claire Collis, has been appointed to review and update the course books and project lessons as well as support the schools during the operational weeks. Claire has worked for LAL in our year round school in Torbay for some time and brings with her much experience, knowledge and enthusiasm.

Schools: LAL Berkhamsted and LAL Brighton will be new experiences for returning and new staff in 2016 with lots of changes to the programmes. Berkhamsted School will be offering dormitory accommodation with the main operation moving to the Castle site. Brighton will be hosted entirely by the University of Sussex with all accommodation, classes and meals all within much closer proximity to one another.

Our remaining centres have been ‘tweaked’ on the basis of your and the students feedback and recommendations.


SchoolStudents ArriveFinal Departure
London, St Mary's University:03 July21 August
Taunton, Taunton School:06 July27 July
Winchester, Berkhamsted School:10 July21 August
Tavistock, Mount Kelly:13 July24 August
Winchester, St Swithun's School:11 July08 August
Brighton, Sussex University:03 July14 August


  • Centre Manager
  • Office Manager
  • Assistant Director of Studies
  • Senior Teacher
  • Residential Teacher
  • Non Residential Teacher
  • Leisure Manager (except St Mary’s)
  • Activity Manager (St Mary’s University only)
  • Excursions Manager (St Mary’s University only)
  • Excursions Coordinator
  • Activity Coordinator (except St Mary’s)
  • Activity Leader
  • Welfare Manager
  • Assistant Welfare Manager
  • House Parent
  • Transfers Manager
  • Transfers Co-ordinator
  • Summer Schools Work Experience/Intern

You will be pleased to note that this year, based on feedback from returning staff, we have amended the application process for returners which will make the process easier and less time consuming. Application forms for all positions will soon be available on the careers website If you are interested in applying for a Centre Manager role please e-mail Sarah-Jane ( All Centre Manager interviews will take place in London.

As always, we like to reward our returning staff, so our loyalty bonus this year again acknowledges your time and experience with us (maximum of £30.00 per week). In addition, if you confirm your position with us before 31st January 2016 you will receive an ‘Early Bird’ sign up bonus of £10.00 per week working with us.

If you know of any academic staff who would fit in well with our teams, our referral bonus is available again, just to our returning staff.

If you have any questions or queries or you would like to wish us some ‘Festive Cheer’ please feel free to contact one of us.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Best Wishes,

Sarah-Jane, Shane and Juan.