LAL Summer Schools Appraisal Procedure


An appraisal should be used as a written and verbal agreement of the performance of an employee, whether they are temporary, permanent, full or part-time.


Appraising should be a continuous process from the beginning of the employment so that when you sit down with the employee, there should be no negative surprises.



During your employment with LAL you will have two appraisals WITH your line manager. You will have a mid-contract appraisal conducted within the first two weeks. This will be a short form for you to fill out. You will then discuss this with your line manager. This document will then be sent to head office.


At the end of your contract you will have another more in depth appraisal. You will complete this digitally, discuss the content with line manager who will give you feedback and a printed copy of your appraisal document once you have typed your name to say you have seen the completed form. This document will then be saved on the S:drive.


The forms will be available on the S:drive.


The process for appraisals is:


Director of Studies:                        Assistant Academic Manager and Teachers.


Leisure Manager                             Excursion Co-ordinator, Activity Co-ordinator and

Excursion Manager                        Activity Leaders.

Activity Manager:


Welfare Manager:                          Assistant Welfare Manager and House Parents



Centre Manager:                             Academic Manager, Leisure Manager,

                                                            Activity Manager, Excursion Manager,

                                                            Welfare Manager, Office Manager,                                                      

Summer Schools

Operations                                       Centre Manager



This process should be open, honest and impartial. Remember that all comments/observations should be made aware to the staff member as they arise, not during the appraisal process.


A rota for appraisals should be created by each line-manager and each staff member being appraised should be given at least two days’ notice prior to their scheduled appraisal. Do not be complacent with staff on short contracts, as even a two week contract will require an appraisal.


Remember privacy is critical so ensure the staff member can feel confident that the Appraisal Form will be treated as any confidential document should. Do not leave it exposed, and place it in a location only accessible to the relevant staff (generally you, being their line manager, and the Centre Manager).