LAL Summer Schools Lost and Stolen Property Procedure

When a student loses or has their property stolen, there is a procedure to follow and a Lost/Stolen Property Form is to be completed. The student should be asked if they have checked everywhere they have been to make sure that they have not misplaced it somewhere in a classroom etc. If it has happened in the school grounds, ask a Senior Staff member to contact the school staff who, in turn, should contact the caretaker. This will allow the school staff to return the object to the correct owner, if it is found. If you suspect that it may have been stolen then speak with your Welfare Manager/Centre Manager about what steps should now be taken to establish the culprit. It may need to be reported to the police.

In any case, it should also be noted internally by completing the Lost/Stolen Property form. The information required is:

  • student’s name and their home address
  • details of the student’s property:
  • date when lost/stolen
  • place where lost/stolen
  • items that are lost/stolen
  • IGL’s signature
  • student’s signature
  • police reference number
  • police station reported to
  • authenticating stamp

After completing the Lost/Stolen Property form, it should also be recorded on the Incident Log Spreadsheet following the Incident Log Procedure.

The police will issue a crime reference/report number, making it easier to find out the progress of the report. It will also be needed by the student to make any insurance claim when they return to their country. Remember that all YLs are covered under LAL student insurance.

The Lost/Stolen Property Form, once completed, and after being dealt with, should then be filed in the Welfare File.

All items of unclaimed lost property should be logged on the computer by the Welfare Manager. The items should be boxed/bagged up every few weeks and marked ‘Lost Property’, indicating the centre and respective dates. Any items of value (except clothing – over £20) should be boxed up separately so it is easier to locate when the parents/agents contact LAL.