LAL Summer Schools Receipts and Expenses Procedure

All members of staff should consult their line-manager before making any purchases on behalf of LAL Summer Schools.

If anything is purchased with the staff member’s own finances, it will be reimbursed ONLY if a receipt* is produced and the expense has been approved. Any expenses incurred, which do not have a receipt, should be fully explained to the Operations Manager.

If cash is needed prior to the purchase then the staff member should sign a petty cash voucher (or similar) for the money. This voucher will be handed back to the staff member only upon receipt of the original money and/or receipts and the change. If at the end of the summer school there are still vouchers, the amounts will be deducted from the final salary with the completion of a deduction authorisation form.

For any pre-arranged use of your own vehicle for LAL Summer Schools business an Expenses Form must be authorised by the Operations Manager. Any travel should be approved by the Summer Schools Operations Manager before taking place.

Reimbursement will be made locally and not into salary unless the amount is prohibitively large – which it shouldn’t be.


* Receipts should have a VAT number on them where possible. Some very small businesses do not have a VAT number.