LAL Summer Schools Packing Up Procedure

Whether filled with relief or disappointment, it is now that time of the summer when we must start preparing to say farewell to our last students and let our host sites have their buildings back.

From the inventory to the uniforms, every aspect must be planned for and followed through to completion to ensure that everyone can be on their way in time.


Loading & Packing

When the summer course is over, one critical element is the packing up of stock. All stock must be precisely counted and the inventory must be updated accordingly. Each department head is to take control of their respective stock with the Centre Manager overseeing the procedure. The inventory should be saved with the correct date in the file name.

There is a file on the server called ‘Labels for Crates.xls’ and this will have labels ready for printing on the S:drive.

Any crate that does not have a label should be labelled with these. As far as possible, do not use cardboard boxes unless there is absolutely no other possibility, i.e. you do not have enough plastic crates and you cannot buy any.

The label should clearly state the letter of the department the stock is from (Academic, Welfare, Leisure, Office).

ALL stock should be packed in the crates and the contents should all be from the same department, e.g. Academic, Leisure, Admin, Welfare etc., and not be mixed, e.g. a crate should NOT have six course books, some table tennis balls, an electric kettle and some staples. If possible, ensure that the common items (Teacher Pack supplies/House Parent Packs etc.) have their own crate.

Where there is a definite theme, such as Casino or Radio Controlled Cars, please put them exclusively into one or two crates, depending on space and label those crates accordingly.

There will be an inventory of all stock supplied to the school. This same inventory should be used at the end of the course and amended to reflect stock as it is returned.

The inventory should help divide common objects, e.g. are the scissors for the office or teachers or arts and crafts.

It is also important, if a new entry is required, that you use common terms so that there is only one entry for each item, and use the key word first if there are different varieties of a common item, i.e. tennis rackets: large, tennis rackets: medium etc.


It is vitally important that you check everywhere for anything that may be LAL Summer Schools stock.

Please ensure that all receipts, invoices and other financial documents have been scanned and saved in the financial folder for your particular school.


 The following is all in addition to the above procedure:


All depts

Please ensure that every single Box/Bag/Pack/Envelope/Folder etc has the school code (SM/SW/MK/BK/BN), the Dept (A/W/L/O) and a description of the contents (where relevant).


The computer systems will be packed up the morning after your students depart, so please ensure that all scanning, saving, copying, finalising, printing, out of office etc is completed the night prior.


Can all files saved on the desktop please be saved on the S drive and any documents you have used from the archive drive also saved in the current S drive folders.


Please set your ‘Out of Office’ to read:

Thank you for your email.

LAL (School) has now finished for 2016 and this email address will not be in use until summer 2017.

Please contact for further support.


(Job Title Only – no name)


The Inventory must be completed in full, as this is vital for setup the following summer. If you cannot find a suitable entry on the inventory for an item, or it has been purchased after commencement, please add a new row accordingly. If you find duplicates (within your dept) please remove one. Please save this as a new file with the date 2016XXXX at the end of the filename.


Always ensure that you have not only entered the exact number of items, but there is a comment as to their condition if it is anything below acceptable or any parts are missing.


All staff are to wash and return all their Uniforms prior to their departure. The exception to this will be the staff on the final departure so please ensure that someone is tasked with the job of ensuring that these are washed and dried early the following morning.  


End-of-contract staff appraisals must be saved on the S drive in the relevant folder, and named as such: FULL NAME, ROLE, SCHOOL, END OF CONTRACT APPRAISAL YEAR, e.g. Bart Simpson Leisure Manager SM End of Contract Appraisal. It is imperative that the head office team can easily find appraisals for all staff post-summer to aid with staff development and recruitment in subsequent years.




This is a great time to ask for any more constructive feedback regarding the LAL course book.  Please make sure it is clear, comprehensive and on ONE final document. (Please email this to Jessica Waiton, Victoria Lyall and Claire Collis). All RTW course books which have your or Teachers observations/notes/criticisms in them should be placed together and labeled as such to be sent to London.

Please do not keep any used RTW course books.


Academic inventory. Please ensure that all academic resources are retrieved from their respective corners of the school and complete a thorough inventory including all support materials. This is a separate document to the main inventory.


Student feedback – Please group all first week feedback into dates and place them in an empty A4 box (or similar). All final students feedback forms will need to be hole punched and placed into a large D ring folder sorted by teacher with dividers separating these by date.  


The Student Feedback excel file should also be complete, except for the students leaving on the final date. We will enter these at head office. 


Staff Feedback – All staff are required to submit feedback which will be sent to their personal email addresses.


All teachers observations are to be added to each respective HR folder (discuss with the OM)




At this stage, all changes and improvements made to the excursions should be updated on the relevant staff excursion packs. If not, please ensure that all excursion packs are valid and reflect exactly what has been happening during the most recent excursions and save the new versions with the applicable date in the filename in the S drive.


Any suggestions/additions/improvements should be sent to Jessica Waiton and Victoria Lyall.


Please save all PowerPoint displays, posters, handouts etc in the Private/Leisure folder on the S drive.


Please obtain as many images and video clips as possible (from staff, IGLs and the LAL Camera) and save them to the S drive (Private/Photos and Videos). Where possible, please make sure they are named/labeled correctly…these images and video clips without names can be useless unless we know what they are.


Ensure testimonials from students/IGLs are labelled correctly so we are easily able to match the comments to the photo when these are returned to head office via the S drive.


Everything electronic will need to be tested and packed up securely. This is why we have the cases with all the foam and bubble wrap.


If there are any concerns, worries, niggles, malfunctions with any electronic items from the camera or a mobile phone to the left speaker or X-box controller, please tell us both via email and in written form on the inventory. 


The music equipment will remain dormant for the next 10 months, so it is critical that it is packed up suitably for both transit and storage (bump and dust proof). The fog machine will need to be completely empty and all cables must be with their relevant item. Extension cords and power boards are to be neatly placed in the one bag and a label should clearly indicate what they are for. Speaker bags on the speakers, Lights back into their original boxes or cases.


Tuck Shop – There should not be much stock left. Please ensure that the tuck-shop analysis reflects the actual numbers and the remaining stock will be added to the London items.


All signage needs to be collected and the walls must be in their original state with all white/blue tac removed. Place these into labeled A4 files. Please ensure that you make a full inventory of all signage.



UniformsPlease ensure that every single item of uniform clothing is washed before it is handed in – please give your staff 3 days’ notice about this. Staff working on transfers will not be able to wash theirs and so need to hand it in for washing and these items need to be kept separate. All uniform is to be accounted for and the Uniform register finished (to be sent to Head Office staff). If any items are outstanding then we will need to be notified via email what is missing and who is responsible. 


Reminder that ALL Finance and Admin hard copies must be sent to London.


Group Leader Feedback – please scan and name using this convention: TS/MK/SW/SM/BK/BN AGENCYNAME IGLNAME YYYY_MM_DD – then place the physical copies in a clearly labeled A4 envelope to be taken back to London.  


The safe will be collected the morning after the students leave (except for TS). Please ensure you are ready for this.



Please ensure that the inventory accurately reflects the levels of stock remaining (i.e – how many actual ibuprofen are left and not “2 half full boxes”). Any medications that have expired need to be thrown away and a note left on the inventory.

All House parents should remove their signage and place these into A4 file . Their HP Packs should be returned and remain independent to their house. Any items used, missing or out of date need to be made clear on the inventory.


Incident Log and Accident Log – Please ensure that these are packed up with the London stock. All electronic files should be clearly named in their applicable folders on the S drive.

Welfare forms, including Medication logs to be added to the London Stock.


Damage – Where there is graffiti or other damage that is easily reparable, please do it. Some schools are fussier than others but where we can do it and not get charged £15/20 or more, then please do so. Welfare Managers need to check staff bedrooms before staff leave site.

Arrange a suitable time to do the final residential condition report with the site staff.

Lost Property – Many parents will approach us for Lost property weeks after the course has finished. Ensure this is in a separate crate from the centre stock and clearly labled.

 Phones – All phones must be returned in working order with their chargers. Phone batteries must be removed.

IT – All files saved to the S drive (nothing on Desktop or My Documents – any personal files, which should not really be on there anyway, to be deleted) and equipment to be packed away safely and securely


All of the below must be packed separately– and labelled accordingly.


  • all financial & HR records/files
  • all keys (except cash tins which must have their keys firmly taped to the top of them, counted in the inventory and sent with the normal stock)
  • mobile phones & chargers – in their case
  • phone cards
  • LAL USB’s
  • debit cards & paying-in books
  • IGL Pocket Money Forms (signed)
  • Mid-Course Appraisals (added to HR folders)
  • IGL Feedback Forms – Also scanned to the S drive and named properly in the files
  • Student Feedback Forms – Hole punched and placed in a D ring folder
  • Excursion & Incident Reports
  • first aid register
  • Welfare Forms
  • RTW Course books with constructive notes from staff.
  • DVDs, CDs & any other disc media
  • Multi-card readers (SD, Micro etc.)
  • Camera, charger, USB cable, Stand – all in the same case as the phones
  • X-Box and all contents in its case
  • Valuable lost property
  • Left over tuck shop stock (of which there should be very little) 
  • LAL Merchandise including pens.
  • Remaining Student Handbooks


You will find that many tasks can be commenced in the days prior to the students’ final departure.


As discussed earlier, IT will be packing up and taking all IT equipment by 10:00 the day after the final departure. Nothing should be loose, poorly packed or unclear as to what the contents are (and which dept/school).

Any questions, please don’t hesitate to call.