LAL Summer Schools Payroll and Salary Information Sheet


We understand that you may want to know more about your salary and payroll. We invite you to read this information carefully prior to your induction.



All Summer Staff are paid monthly in arrears by direct deposit into their UK bank accounts. If you do not hold a UK bank account you will need to provide the details of your international bank account to us as soon as possible.


You will be paid on the following dates:


Friday 29th July 2016: This will cover the period from 17th June to Friday 22nd July 2016.


Friday 31st August 2016: This will cover the period from 23rd July 2016.


Prior to the start of employment all staff must FULLY complete the ‘Personal Details form’ in order for LAL Summer Schools to process payroll. Failure to fully and accurately complete this form may mean that LAL cannot pay you. This form should only be completed digitally so it is legible. Please also make sure that your email address is clearly stated as wage slips will be emailed to you.


For UK banks we need the account holders name, the account number and the sort code.


For Non-UK banks we need the account holders name, SWIFTBIC and IBAN.


For staff with an international bank account

If you are employed until 22nd July only you will be paid by electronic transfer into your bank on 29th July.


If you start after 22nd July you will be paid by electronic transfer into your bank on 31st August.


If your employment covers dates before and after the 22nd July your first payment will be made in cash on the 29th July and your second will be by electronic transfer into your bank on 31st August.




Bank Transfer

Cash payment

Bank Transfers



















Your payslip will be delivered to the e-mail address you provided on your personnel details form before the above pay dates. You will receive a secure password via email prior to receiving your payslip. When you receive the payslip email, type the password into the payslip email when prompted to do so. Do not copy and paste the password as this will not work.

Save this password somewhere secure e.g. on the notes on your phone.

If you misplace your password we will not be able to issue it again.



You will find your salary information in your job offer e-mail. This will also be shown on your contract when issued.  Your salary, paid monthly, is made up of the gross basic weekly rate as outlined in your job offer plus any relevant bonuses, e.g. loyalty bonus.

At the end of your contract you will be paid 12.07% of hours worked based on total basic paid where holiday has not been taken.

All residential staff basic salaries include £42.00 per week for food and accommodation.

No deductions are made from the advertised basic salary except in the case of DBS payments. This will be agreed in advance.



All bonuses stated in the job offer and contract are payable upon successful completion of an employee’s contract.


Frequently Asked Questions

Please take a look at commonly asked questions below.


Can you give me a sub/cash advanced when I arrive?

Unfortunately our company policy and finance infrastructure does not enable us to do this.


Do I need a UK National Insurance (NI) Number and a UK Bank Account?

As per the HMRC website EU members do not have to apply for NI numbers for short term employment, however EU nationals still have to pay PAYE as normal UK residents.  One thing to keep in mind is that HMRC will send each employee who does not have a NI number a temporary number which you must give to us. This should be written on your personnel details form. If you receive this after starting employment with us/after submitting your personnel details form, please email your temporary NI number to the This number will allow HMRC to transfer the deductions which have been made to your salary to your tax profile within your own country.


It is preferable for employees to have UK bank accounts as it makes payment easier for everyone involved. Information on how to set up a UK bank account can be found here For further guidance, the following site is also useful:


If you do choose to use a non-UK bank you may be subject to international transfer charges to have your wages transferred. LAL is not responsible for these costs. We recommend you speak with your bank about this in advance to find out if you would be charged.

Please make sure to complete the IBAN and SwitfBIC details for international bank accounts on your personnel details form, otherwise we will not be able to process payments.

I have a question about tax…

We are unable to help with any tax queries. All tax enquiries must be made to HMRC as the UK tax experts. All the information you need to give HMRC is on your payslip, such as your tax code and the tax you have paid. Whether that is the correct tax code or not, and if you are paying the right amount of tax, can be verified by HMRC.

Contact information for HMRC can be found here:


Queries and Problems

If after reading this document you still have any questions, or if there are any problems regarding your salary, these should be addressed to