LAL Summer Schools Registration Procedure Table 2

Registration Table 2


Issue student with:

ID Card

PLEASE EXPLAIN that if they lose their ID Card it costs £1 to buy a new one. They will need this card on them at all times – No ID Card = no food and no permission onto the coach for excursions.


Write the student’s full name (FIRST NAME – SURNAME) in CAPITAL LETTERS, age, accommodation house and excursion coach on the ID Card.

Please ensure the students know their COACH NUMBER.

Explain to students where they find out their meal times


  • Inform students that they will be issued with their keys and keycard (Taunton School) codes (Kelly College & St Swithun’s) or two keys (St Mary’s) by their House Parent.
  • Give each student a Welcome Pack.
  • Explain the Student Handbook (have your own copy to show to the student). Bring this to induction tomorrow morning.
  • Please write the student’s accommodation house on their Pocket Money Form and return it to the student, as they will need it at Registration Table 3.