LAL Summer Schools Registration Procedure Table 3

Registration Table 3

Take Damage Deposit* and record on student’s Pocket Money Form. All deposit money should be kept separate in the cash box.

Ask how much pocket money they have and collect it, leaving the student with a small amount (e.g. £20) **.

Make sure you count the money out loud “five, ten, fifteen…” and agree with the student. Record the amount as well as any Euro or other currency amounts and ATM cards on their Pocket Money Form.

Place pocket money into the small envelope and at the top write the student’s full name (FIRST NAME SURNAME) in CAPITAL LETTERS as written on the Pocket Money Form and the amount.

Place the envelope in the relevant box (boys or girls).

Take the Pocket Money Form and put it in the relevant box (boys or girls), sorting them alphabetically between arrivals.

Please complete the tick-list if student provides pocket money and/or deposit.



*          £60 or €80

Pounds Sterling is preferable as we cannot bank Euros and this puts more cash in the safe which has an insurable sum maximum.

Euro notes only accepted in small denominations – change may not be given when money needs to be deducted.

**        We will never force a student to give us their pocket money, but this should be strongly encouraged. Some may not understand the concept so please explain clearly – We will put it in a safe and they can collect it when needed at specific times during the week.