LAL Summer Schools UK Airport Transfers Procedure


Airport arrival and departure transfers will be planned and the respective schedules (see key to roles and schedules at the end of this document) made available to the LM/EM/EC in due course by the SSTD – Summer School Transfers Department (SSTM – Summer Schools Transfer Manager and/or TCO – Transfers Co-ordinator)


It is imperative that the LM/EM/EC/ALs all understand their roles, responsibilities and duties to make arrival and departure transfers a success. For any questions regarding this procedure get in touch with the SSTM for clarification/support/training. The SSTM will brief the LM/EM (the day before transfer day) and they are to brief the EC/ALs (the evening before transfer day) providing them with their Transfers, Transport and Activity Leader Schedules.


Please refer to Transfers Schedule, Transport Schedule and Activity Leader Schedule.



General Information: Arrivals & Departures

The SSTM will supply each centre with a detailed list of all arrivals and departures. This document is called the Transfers Schedule and it should be used by the LM/EM/EC to create the lists informing students which transport they will be leaving on and when. This Transfers Schedule is the basis for the Transport Schedule, which will be prepared by the SSTM (or the LM/EM) for the LM/EM to book the transports as advised. The LM/EM will also have to request the drivers’ names and numbers and advise the SSTM of them or add them on to the Transport Schedule themselves as soon as possible (to be determined by the SSTM).


On the Transport Schedule the number of ALs required from the respective centre/s will also be suggested and the LM/EM, in conjunction with their CM, is to then allocate ALs to the Transport Schedule. Completing the Transport Schedule needs to be done as soon as possible and once done, changes should only be made if absolutely necessary and not without consulting the SSTM first. Once the Transport Schedule is done, the LM/EM will also complete the Activity Leader Schedule for the LM/EM to brief the EC/ALs accordingly (should anything require clarification contact the SSTM).


On the first transfer day, there will only be arrivals, the middle transfer days, arrivals and departures, and the final transfer day, only departures. There will also be the odd arrival or departure on other days (indicated on the UK & USA Summer Schools Arrivals & Departures Summary Estimates spreadsheet, which will be updated regularly). If possible, on the first transfer day (arrivals only) all relevant staff (EC/ALs) will arrive early and take this opportunity to familiarise themselves with the respective airports.



The LM/EM will remain at the school and manage the transfers in consultation with the CM and SSTM. The LM/EM should be the EC’s/ALs’ first point of contact should they have any concerns/issues. If the LM/EM can’t resolve them they should contact the SSTM for support immediately. The SSTM needs to be kept informed of staff movements at the airport deviating from the Activity Leader Schedule at all times.


A number of different transport types will go from the centre/s to the respective airport/s with at least one AL per transport, unless agreed by the SSGM (Summer Schools Acting General Manager). Returning staff members who have had experience of transfers should be asked by the LM/EM/EC to assist in the briefing of the ALs the evening before transfer days.



In the UK we operate our own ‘meet & greet’, at all airports outside of London Heathrow which means ALs are responsible for meeting the students when they arrive. The students then need to be kept in a seating/holding area in the respective arrival halls and they must be supervised at all times before being accompanied by an AL to leave on their respective arrival transfer transport to the centre.


At LHR LAL operates an outsourced ‘meet and greet’ service in which the LAL Representative and their team will take responsibility for students and IGLs until the time of departure to centre from this point ALs take responsibility.


The LM/EM should ensure that all staff going to the airport have charged their mobile phones and have sufficient credit on them and that they arrive at their designated terminal at least 30 minutes before the scheduled departure of their arrivals coach (as per the Transport Schedule). The LM/EM is to ensure that ALs take the right amount of student and IGL Transfer Packs for arrivals as well as packed meals for departures.


Please refer to Transport Schedule and Student and IGL Transfer Packs


It is imperative that the LM/EM/EC/ALs all understand their roles, responsibilities and duties!



Airport arrivals are the first opportunity to get to know the students. ALs should remember that most of them will be tired and disorientated after a long journey. ALs themselves may also be tired and fractious if things haven’t gone to plan. It is important that this is not conveyed to the students and IGLs. A warm welcome is always a MUST and will be remembered to everyone’s benefit as the course progresses.



At the Airport

This section tells you what happens from arriving at the airport to departing again with your students:

  • ALs arrive at the airport.
  • (First arrival date only: ALs familiarise themselves with the airport at LHR ALs to meet LAL representative for final briefing and to familiarise themselves with the airport)
  • At LHR the LAL Representative and their staff meet and greet the IGLs and students and they are kept supervised until such time as the coach/minibus/taxi is ready to depart with all allocated students (and IGLs). They are accompanied to the designated area (LM/EM to inform ALs of this) where they are handed over to their assigned AL/s.
  • ALs meet & greet students (as per Activity Leader Schedule) and keep and supervise them in a designated seating/holding area in the respective arrival halls before being accompanied by another AL to leave on their respective arrival transfer transport to the centre.
  • ALs are to make sure all luggage has been loaded onto the arrival transfer transport, check numbers and names (a headcount is not enough!) with their passenger list taking a register (not allowing anybody to rush them!) before leaving the airport.
  • ALs depart the airport and call their respective LM/EM to inform them of their departure time.
  • The LM/EM should keep in touch with the SSTM re detailed information about student and staff movements as well as any amendments to the original schedules due to unforeseen circumstances such as early or late arrivals etc.


In the event of any late arrivals, which would unreasonably delay an arrival transfer transport, the LM should be informed by staff in order to establish further proceedings. The SSTM needs to be kept appraised of everything going on at the airports at all times!


At LHR the LAL Representative will contact the SSTM in the event of any late arrivals. The SSTM will then contact the EC and LM/EM with the relevant information.



Journey from Airport to Summer Schools Centre

The following section gives you information about the journey from the airport to the summer schools centre:


  • ALs are to always take a register (a headcount is not enough!) before leaving both the airport and any other stops (where applicable) along the way. (If there is a stop, ALs are to make sure students know exactly how long they have and emphasize when they must be back, using repetition and trying different ways of saying the same thing (possibly asking students at random to confirm what has been said). Before leaving again, ALs are to check that students have EVERYTHING, especially wallets, tickets, cameras and passports, and take a register (a headcount is not enough!). If any student reports a loss, ALs are to contact the CM immediately.
  • ALs (and possibly IGLs) should ensure that all students remain seated with their seat belts fastened, keeping good order and making sure the driver is not distracted.
  • ALs hand out IGL and student Transfer Packs (ALs should have read this information and be able to answer any questions IGLs and/or students may have) and explain the registration procedure and ask students to get their welfare form, passport, ticket, pocket money & damage deposit ready and advise the IGLs to start collecting these (except for the pocket money) on behalf of their group.
  • The coaches should be equipped with a microphone so the entire coach can hear what ALs have to say (IGLs should also be involved in this so they can help). Go through the student Transfer Pack, asking IGLs to relay any information to their students, covering what is going to happen upon arrival at the centre and during their first day.
  • ALs are to keep in contact with the LM/EM, letting them know when they leave the airport, if there is a stop when they leave again, and inform them of their estimated time of arrival. Should there be any delays en route (traffic, accident etc.) ALs are to call the LM/EM to let them know so they can advise staff at the centre.
  • On arrival at the centre ALs are to ask students to take all their belongings and their trash with them. Before the coach leaves ALs are to check with the driver for any damage or forgotten belongings and also ensure that all trash is removed.


Upon arrival students and IGLs will be welcomed by the CM/OM and be ushered to the designated room to await registration.



On the middle transfer days, there will be arrivals (see above) and departures. The following section gives you information about how these need to be prepared, what needs to be done, by whom and when:


  • LM/EM/EC (if anything is unclear contact the SSTM for clarification prior to the AL briefing) are to hold a briefing the evening before to ensure that ALs know what they are doing and to resolve any last-minute issues.
  • ALs are to double check that the students on their transport have taken all their luggage.
  • Students board the transport and ALs take a register (a headcount is not enough!) making sure all students/IGLs are present.
  • The OM will hand out the documents and deposits to the ALs (they will not be handed over to the students until check-in!) and/or IGLs in envelopes relating to their respective airport and terminal (in case there are multiple terminal drop offs). Where an IGL is in charge of a group, they will take charge of these documents.
  • Transfer transport arrives at the airport.
  • If there are multiple terminal drop offs, ALs getting off the coach (or ALs receiving students at the respective terminal) are to check that students leaving the transfer transport haven’t left anything behind and take a register (a headcount is not enough!) of the students assigned to them for check-in before allowing the transfer transport to proceed to the next terminal and/or coach park.
  • Groups with an IGL: ALs show IGLs to the check-in desk and say good-bye (or where possible stay with them until the IGL and all their students have checked in).
  • Individual students: ALs check in students, give them their documents and money (keep them for students who feel/seem unsure and only give them their documents and money before sending them through security), accompany them to security and say good-bye, sending them through in groups according to flight numbers reiterating not to lose their passports, boarding passes and bags and where to find their departure flight gate in case it’s not stated on their boarding pass.
  • ALs are to make their way to the next designated arrival terminals (as per Transport and Activity Leader Schedule) and await new arriving students that are ready to leave (hopefully all students leaving that day will have left before the new students arrive); however, should ALs encounter any problems they should contact the LM/EM immediately who will advise them of further proceedings. If the LM/EM can’t resolve them they should contact the SSTM for support immediately. The SSTM needs to be kept informed of staff movements at the airport deviating from the Activity Leader Schedule at all times.


Additional Transfers Information


Some students may be flying on group tickets, in which case they must be checked in at the airport group check-in desk. If in doubt, the airline should be contacted by the LM/EM. If the group has an IGL, then they are responsible for checking in their group; in all other cases LAL Summer Schools ALs are responsible for checking in students.


Unaccompanied Minors (UM)

Unfortunately, a lack of regulation concerning unaccompanied minors travelling by air has led to a multitude of differing procedures depending on airport and airline. Some airlines and airport authorities will not permit the responsible adult to leave the airport until the flight has taken off. Others will take charge of minors at check-in and some have no policy at all.


As a principle, we insist that all students aged 16 or under must be checked in by LAL Summer Schools staff or an IGL and seen through to the security check (ALs) or departure lounge (IGLs). In all cases it is therefore strongly advised that airline staff are commandeered to take charge of departing unaccompanied minors where there is no such accompanying adult.


Some major airlines charge the parents for this service and they have strict policies that we must adhere to. If a student is deemed a UM by the airline, the LAL Summer Schools staff member (AL) will sign an agreement (asking for the Summer Schools Centre’s address and contact details, which are provided on the Activity Leader Schedule) upon check-in and arrange a meeting point and time (generally one hour before take-off) where they will hand the responsibility for the student over to a staff member from the airline. It is then expected that this AL remains close to the airport until the flight has departed, in case there is a major delay or cancellation in which we will then be responsible for the student’s welfare again. However, ALs should still stick to their schedule for the rest of the day (Transport & Activity Leader Schedule). The CM and LM/EM need to be kept informed by ALs checking in UMs. The LM should liaise with the SSTM where applicable.


When accompanying/checking in UMs the procedure is as follows:


  • ALs to check-in UMs, complete and sign the applicable forms with the address of their centre stated on the Activity Leader Schedule.
  • Check-in staff will advise ALs of where and when they will need to take the students in case the flight is called.
  • ALs are to keep the student/s with them at all times (ALs may also have to check in other students so they have to make sure that the UMs is/are with them when they do).
  • ALs are to take the UMs to the designated place at the correct time (they may have to leave a phone number as a point of contact, in which case the number given should be the SSTM’s).
  • Should there be any delays or cancellations of flights for any of the UMNRs the airline will contact the SSTM who will then inform the LM of further proceedings.


UMs on Arrival are very tricky. When the airline or parents designate a student an UM the airline requires the parents to provide the name and ID of the person meeting the student at the arrival airport. Unfortunately, LAL will not know very far in advance who it is sending to the airport so the Summer Schools use the CM or the SSGM. Obviously, neither the CM or the SSGM will actually be responsible for meeting the student at the arrival airport, therefore, the designated AL will be provide with a signed letter of authorization from the CM or SSGM.

Please refer to Letter of Authorisation


Flight Cancellation/Change/Delay

In case of any flight cancellations/changes/delays, students should be taken to the appropriate airline information desk immediately. It is essential to do this as quickly as possible so that they might find a seat on the next available flight. In case of insoluble problems contact the LM/EM (who will then contact the SSTM) immediately.


Activity Leader Transfers Checklist


  • LAL Summer Schools polo-shirt/bag
  • Charged mobile phone
  • Transfers Schedule, Transport Schedule, Activity Leader Schedule
  • Transfer Packs for all arrivals (different for IGLs and students)
  • packed meals (departures only)
  • big LAL Summer Schools sign for the coach window
  • Pack of cards or other lightweight game in case of delays
  • pens
  • Smile!