LAL Summer Schools UK Arrivals & Departures Procedure

Introduction & Overview

Arrivals and departures are often hectic and stressful but are vitally important as the arrival transfer is the students and IGLs first impression of us and we want them to have the best possible start. The key to successful transfers is organisation and flexibility as we need to be prepared for changes that are beyond our control. This document summarises the procedures and highlights any problems involved.

The goals of each procedure are:



  • Students to arrive safely at the airport
  • Students and IGLs to receive the correct LAL welcome at the airport
  • Students to be on the correct transfer transport with all their belongings
  • Students to arrive safely at the centre



  • Students to hand over their documents and pocket money
  • LAL to receive a completed welfare form, damage deposit and passport for every student
  • Students to hand over their pocket money (optional but recommended)
  • Students to receive a Student ID Card and Welcome Pack
  • IGLs to receive a name badge and Welcome Pack
  • Students to be allocated and accompanied to their accommodation
  • Students and IGLs to understand the next day’s schedule including where and when breakfast is


  • Students to be briefed on their time of departure
  • Students to be woken up in time for their transfer
  • Students to be brought to the school in time for their transport (if in Host Home or private accommodation)
  • Students to board the transfer transport with all their belongings and documents
  • Students to arrive safely and on time at the airport
  • Students to depart on the correct flight


When you read this, please look out for your role:


SSTM  Transfers Manager

CM      Centre Manager

OM     Office Manager

WM    Welfare Manager

LM      Leisure Management

EC       Excursion Co-ordinator

HP       House Parent

AL       Activity Leader

IGL      International Group Leader (adult who accompanies the students, usually from the country of origin)




CM or LM to confirm student numbers for late arrivals with the kitchen for packed meals as soon as numbers are confirmed. This should be done as soon as the Transfers Schedule is received from the SSTM.

CM, OM and WM are to update the accommodation information and excursion coach/group numbers on the masterlist. Please see the IT Manual for a detailed explanation of the masterlist.

LM is to prepare ALs for their duties that day. WM to prepare the HPs for when the students arrive.

OM to set up the designated registration area specific to the centre and the number of arrivals. The OM/CM to appoint staff to staff registration and induct all staff involved in arrivals and registration duties the evening before or the morning of the first intake.

The LM is to be in touch with the SSTM as to the students’ estimated arrival times so staff will be in place upon arrival.

ALs on transfers to hand out transfer packs and inform students and IGLs about what they need to present upon arrival:

  • Welfare Form
  • Flight Ticket
  • Passport
  • Pocket Money
  • Damage Deposit

Where a group has an IGL, they should be given the relevant transfer pack and be briefed to get the above (apart from pocket money) items ready for their group to be registered.

When the transfer arrives at the centre the CM and OM will welcome students and IGLs. A designated area (centre specific) is appointed for luggage (if applicable make sure there are wet and dry options for this).

ALs to direct students to the registration area where they will hand in their respective documents and money and be given a welcome pack and their Student ID Card. Registration is completed once the students have received their room keys.

Groups accompanied by an IGL will be dealt with by the CM and OM, registering all students and, where possible, handing in all their documents in one go. The IGL should be given an IGL Welcome Pack, a name badge, a list of where there students are accommodated and information about what to expect for the rest of the day as well as an overview of what the next day will look like.


Once students have completed registration, they will be taken to their accommodation by staff, who should have already familiarised themselves with the centre and where the accommodation is located (you will find a map on the back of the Student Handbook). HPs will help getting the students settled in their new accommodation.

Registration, due to the number of students and the amount of information which has to be processed, is arduous but with patience and diligence can be completed without too much trouble. It is important that staff are on hand to keep students informed of what is happening, give out food and drink and be available for any eventuality. It is also the busiest day for the OM, so please be patient as they have to handle a lot of money and documents in a short period of time. Do not rush them!


Departures & Arrivals

In subsequent weeks, there will be arrivals as well as departures.

CM or LM is to confirm meal times and packed meal numbers and with the kitchen as soon as the Transfer Schedule is received from the SSTM.

LM is to update departure transfer transport numbers on the Master List and place a version on the notice boards in the office and the accommodation houses two days prior to departures.

WM is to inform HPs of this so they can wake up their students in time (30 minutes before departure time). All departing students need to vacate their rooms by nine o’clock in the morning with their bags packed. HPs are to take the keys and key cards (depending on the centre) from the students during their last evening meeting before their departure the next day.

The students/IGLs sign out their documents, pocket money and damage deposits the day prior to their departure. HPs do the last damage checks the evening and the morning prior to departures for last minute damage deductions, done by the WM.

OM to prepare for registration if the following day is an arrival day. Students will be accompanied by ALs on the transfer transports to the airport. ALs are to load packed meals for their transfer transport (if there are any, depending on the time of departure) and make sure all luggage has been taken on the transfer transport before they leave.

As a principle, we insist that all students aged 16 or under must be checked in by staff or IGL and seen through to the departure lounge. In all cases it is therefore strongly advised that airline staff are commandeered to take charge of departing minors where there is no such accompanying adult.

Unaccompanied Minors

Unfortunately, a lack of regulation concerning minors travelling by air has led to a multitude of differing procedures depending on airport and airline. Some airlines and airport authorities will not permit the responsible adult to leave the airport until the flight has taken off. Others will take charge of minors at check-in. Other airlines have no policy at all.

As a principle, we insist that all students aged 16 or under must be checked in by staff or IGL and seen through to the departure lounge. In all cases it is therefore strongly advised that airline staff are commandeered to take charge of departing minors where there is no such accompanying adult.



Some students may be flying on group tickets, in which case they must be checked in at the airport group check-in desk. If in doubt, the airline should be contacted by the LM. If the group has an IGL, then s/he is responsible for checking in their group; in all other cases, LAL staff are responsible.


Flight Cancellation/Change/Delay

Students should be taken immediately to the appropriate airline information desk. It is essential to do this as quickly as possible so that they might find a seat on the next available flight. In case of insoluble problems, contact the LM.