LAL Summer Schools UK Student Code of Conduct

Students must:

  • Follow formal instructions given by staff
  • Arrive on time for lessons, assemblies, meals, activities & excursions
  • Take responsibility for the safety of their personal property
  • Ensure that all staff are spoken to politely
  • Move quietly about the corridors and stairs and do not run
  • Make every effort to ensure all areas of the school are kept clean, tidy and litter-free
  • Report to the LAL Office if they have any problems or need help
  • Carry their LAL Student ID cards at all times
  • Not smoke

LAL Summer Schools do not tolerate:

  • Bullying and harassment of other students or staff of any kind
  • Any type of violence
  • Vandalism or graffiti
  • Possession of, use of or dealing of drugs.
  • Possession of alcohol and the drinking of alcohol.
  • Misuse of solvents
  • Misuse of LAL property and equipment
  • Serious breach of health and safety
  • Deliberate damage to health and safety equipment
  • Possession of any knives, guns or other weapons.
  • Use of foul and abusive language
  • Theft of any kind
  • Any actions that breach English law

The failure to comply with these policies may result in proceedings being brought under LAL’s Behaviour and Discipline Policy.


Stages of the Procedure

Our procedure contains the following stages:

  • Informal warning                –           for misconduct of a relatively minor nature
  • First written warning         –           for incidents of misconduct
  • Final written warning        –           for further misconduct or if an incident of  serious misconduct occurs
  • Immediate expulsion         –           for continued unsatisfactory conduct or gross misconduct

LAL Summer Schools Head Office must be kept informed of any incidents involving students breaking this code of conduct, and will advise on the disciplinary action to take. Any action must be recorded on the incident log.