UK Summer Schools Incident Log Procedure

Any incident, regardless of how small it may seem to you, should be logged. The Incident Log will be in a folder on the Welfare Manager’s desktop and all relevant information should be recorded on it.

 If the incident is considered serious, this must be brought to the attention of the Welfare Manager/Centre Manager immediately and they can arrange for the agent and/or parents to be contacted.

 Examples of potential problems are:

  • absenteeism at lessons
  • accident
  • bad behaviour
  • complaints
  • damages
  • dangerous occurrence
  • home sickness
  • illness
  • injury
  • bullying
  • concerns raised by 3rd parties
  • lost property
  • stolen
  • request
  • safeguarding concern


If we receive a request by e-mail regarding a student, it should be recorded in the Incident Log with the following information:

  • date message received
  • student name
  • who sent the message?
  • who is replying to the message?
  • nature of the message
  • who will deal with the message?
  • what action was taken and when and by whom


The Welfare Manager is to ensure that the Incident Log Spreadsheet for the centre is in a folder easily accessible on their desktop ready to be filled in by any staff member. The Incident Log must then be checked by the Welfare Manager 2-3 times per week. The Welfare Manager should ensure that the instruction given by the comment boxes are followed.If an incident relates to something entered already, please create a new entry and make reference to the connection by adding the appropriate number of the first incident (Incident No. column).Also, refer to other documents that may relate to the incident by inputting the name and number of the document in the Reference Column (e.g. Accident Report 1, Damage Invoice 3).Please be consistent and always update the incident log regardless of your interpretation of the severity.