LAL Language Centres UKSS Academic Resources Policy


The LAL Round the World course book has to be used during regular young learner lessons but teachers are free to supplement and adapt it using their own ideas and activities, in order to meet the needs of the individuals in their class. LAL Summer Schools also provide a number of teaching materials and resources for this purpose and for those teaching any academic optional lessons (one-to-one lessons, intensive English and Trinity preparation classes).

Resources should only be removed for photocopying and then brought back immediately. If teachers require a book/CD/cassette/DVD/folder/flashcards etc. for lesson planning purposes away from school, or for a lesson they should mention this to the DOS. Any resources taken away from the resources area should be signed in and out. This enables the DOS and Summer School Management Team to ensure that resources do not go missing and to see the popularity of resources.



As students will receive an LAL Round the World course book, photocopies will form only a small part of the teaching materials. Photocopiable resources should be kept to a minimum. You can do this by:

  • Using photo reduction to produce two handouts per A4 sheet
  • Double sided copying
  • Using computers and projectors
  • Where possible, making one copy for two students. This also encourages students to work together.

We are also in the process of creating laminated, reusable sets of some of the Round the World photocopiable materials, to save teachers time and reduce copying. Please ask your DOS which, if any of these are available at your school. These will need to be signed out like any other resource.

All photocopies should acknowledge the source (title, writer, publisher), comply with Copyright Laws and should be professionally presented with no black edges. If you are unsure of how to achieve this please speak to your DOS/ST/LAL Head of Young Learners.

Teachers should always have a back-up plan in case of photocopier failure. Any problems with the photocopier should be reported to the DOS/ST immediately.


Regular Course Books

The regular course books are provided to supplement projects and the LAL Round the World course books. These may be particularly useful at beginner and advanced levels or with older students who may benefit from an adult course book.


Multimedia Facilities

CD/tape players are provided for listening exercises and some classrooms are equipped with TV/IT facilities. The use and booking of these is specific to each summer school and should be covered by your induction. If you have any questions regarding this please contact your DOS/ST.



Dictionaries are available to sign out and teachers should try to encourage their students to use monolingual dictionaries from elementary level. Effective dictionary use is a vital part of learner training. It may also be helpful for teachers to highlight some of the issues the some free online dictionaries can have.


Your Fellow Teachers

One of the main supplies of resources and ideas are your fellow teachers, many of whom will have a wealth of experience in teaching Young Learners. Sharing ideas, brainstorming, modifying lessons and discussing experiences are vital. Team planning for project work can be especially productive, especially as this year the LAL Summer School Projects have been reformatted.

The LAL Careers Website Forums can be used to do this, they are found at This is the same website that you will have used to apply to work with us. To access the forums you will need to login using the same login details as you did for your application.


Future Resources

If you have any suggestions or ideas on resources that would have helped you in your job role with LAL Summer Schools please inform us on your End of Contract Feedback form, so we can plan our future resource purchases.