LAL Summer Schools UK Placement Test Procedures

Important Information

  1. Students meet for assembly per the timetable
  2. Teachers take approximately 15 students each to classrooms
  3. Teacher invigilate/proctor written placement test
  4. Simultaneously, teachers do brief oral test
  5. Teachers mark the papers using the correction template
  6. Students are allocated to classes by the DOS/ST according to the following criteria:


    • Test Score (moderated by any oral score)
    • Age
    • Nationality
    • Sex
    • Siblings in the school

Please refer to Placement Test: Oral Test, Placement Test: Use of English & Writing Test and Marking Scheme.


Marking Scheme

Use of English


  • 1 – 9                Beginner
  • 10 – 17             Elementary
  • 18 – 29            Pre-intermediate
  • 30 – 39            Intermediate
  • 40 – 47           Upper Intermediate
  • 48 – 54           Advanced
  • 55 – 60           Post Advanced


All students are given two test scores, one for the Use of English and one for the Oral (Oral marking scheme is on the actual Oral test). A writing test is to be given to all students but only marked by the ADOS/ST when a teacher is unsure of a student’s level after testing. Please note that this typically happens when there is a large discrepancy between the Use of English level and the Oral level.


Recording Student Marks

All teachers must give students an overall score to help the DOS/ST place students in class.

For example, a score 35 on the Use of English would be Intermediate, and this should be written on the students answer sheet.

The student’s Oral level should also be written on the student’s answer sheet. As should the Overall Level.


Overall Level

All Young Learner Programs at LAL Language Centres are communicative and therefore when deciding on overall level more weight should be given to the Oral Test.

Typically students will not score the same for the Use of English and the Oral test and if this difference is only one level then there are no issues.