LAL Summer Schools Activity Room Procedure

The activity room is open 15 minutes after activities start and closes 15 minutes before they end.

  • Students may borrow equipment only when the Activity Room is open
  • Students must ask the staff member on duty before they remove any equipment (some equipment is not for individual student use, remote control cars for example)
  • If a student comes in to the Activity Room to borrow equipment the staff member on duty must fill in the equipment sign in/out sheet
  • Before you give equipment, make sure that it is complete. If there is anything missing, make a note of it so the student does not pay for the loss.
  • The student must leave their ID card in the Activity Room until they return the piece of equipment they have borrowed
  • When the equipment is returned the staff member on duty should complete the equipment sign in/out sheet and return the students ID card
  • Check the equipment for any loss or damage – this is especially crucial when games with lots of parts are involved
  • The staff member on duty must ensure that each student borrows their own equipment (if 2 students wish to play tennis then 2 ID cards must be left)
  • If there are any ID cards unclaimed they should be returned to the office at the end of each shift
  • The staff member on duty in the evening is responsible for ensuring the student notice board is up-to-date
  • The last person in the activity room at night should make sure that it is tidy
  • The room should NEVER be left unmanned during activity sessions
  • Always lock the room if you are the last person to leave
  • If the room is quiet staff should join in with any students who may be playing games (whilst keeping an eye on everything). This is a great way to help them meet new friends by encouraging others to join in.
  • The Activity Manager/Leisure Manager should ensure that the Activity Room is appropriately staffed, following LAL Activity Ratio’s Policy, which is 1 adult onsite for every 18 students (1:18).