LAL UK Summer Schools Activity & Excursion Registration Procedure

 It is an important part of our welfare provision that we regularly check attendance and follow up on any student absences. Teachers take the class register at the start of each lesson period, but staff must also register students during activities and excursions.


Excursions: Checking Attendance


The Leisure Manager or Excursion Manager will create registers for each excursion, splitting students into manageable groups. There will be an Activity Leader in charge of each group, meaning that when you register students it is that AL’s responsibility to check everyone in their group is there.  International Group Leaders (IGLs) can and should help with this, but IGLs can only be responsible for their own students and cannot be asked to help manage any others. 


On excursions, registers (not head counts!) must be taken as follows:


  1. Register all students as they board the coach. If taking public transport, register all students before leaving campus.
  2. Register all students at the first stop-off point at the destination, e.g. on an Oxford excursion register all students when you get to Christ Church College.
  3. Register all students at the meeting point, before they go off for free time.
  4. Register all students at the meeting point, when they come back from free time.
  5. Register all students before boarding the coach or public transport.
  6. If taking public transport, register all students again when you alight, then again when you get back to campus.
  7. Completed registers must be handed in to the Leisure Manager or Excursion Manager on return to campus.


As the students are split into manageable groups, this should not take a huge amount of time. The excursion leader must not leave a registration point until all students have been accounted for.  Please refer to the Student Absence Policy for the steps to take if a student is missing.


Onsite Activities: Checking Attendance


Onsite activities take place after an assembly. Therefore, at the start of the assembly we need to register the students to check they are all in attendance. 


On the first day of a new intake, the Leisure Manager or Activity Manager will split the students into manageable groups for a member of staff to take the register. This should be done in the most simple way possible, e.g. if you have 20 Trinity Viaggi students, keep them together and ask their IGL to help you take the register.


On every other day until the next arrival/departure day, students will already have been split into class groups. Therefore, at the start of assemblies members of staff just need to call out the name of the class or the teacher (or hold a sign), get those students to come over and quickly check off their names.


Completed registers must be handed back to the Leisure Manager or Activity Manager at the end of the assembly, before the activities begin. Again, please refer to the Student Absence Policy for the steps to take if a student is missing.


Signing Up for Onsite Activities


It is important that during onsite activity sessions we are able to quickly locate a student if necessary, e.g. one of their parents may call wishing to speak to them. While we want to maintain choice for activity sessions, we also need to know where the students are.


Each school has an activity schedule provided for them by head office. This will be based on sports hall, swimming pool bookings, etc., and is a frame of reference for the Leisure Manager to amend as required.


Each activity session will be divided into two (where possible) in order to encourage students to try different things. This will also stop them from getting bored.


During the evening assembly and house meeting students will be asked to make a decision about what they want to do the next day and sign up.


Any student that hasn’t signed up or wants to change must do so by the end of the morning assembly. This is not to be encouraged though; we want them to get into the habit of doing so the day before.


The Leisure Manager or Activity Manager will then, using the signup sheets and the master list, create registers for each activity. Two copies of these are to be printed:

    • 1 will be kept in the office so senior staff know where each student can be found
    • 1 will go with the member of staff leading the activity so they know who they should have in their group


The LM/AM/CM will visit the activities during the course of each session to check on numbers and to offer support to the staff member running the activity.


An IGL may wish for their group to do the same thing so remember to speak with them about the schedule.


The more information we can provide both the IGLs and the students the more enthusiastic they will be about it. For example instead of the options being swimming, arts and crafts and football it could be:


    • Swimming: water polo – learn and play water polo
    • Arts and Crafts: decorate a bag – you’ll be given a canvas bag to paint
    • Football: 5 aside tournament – challenge each other to a 5 aside tournament, with a prize for the winning team


Remember – checking student attendance is an important part of our duty of care, but students will quickly become bored (and complain) if it is not done quickly. Make sure you are organised with the right registers in order to conduct this important part of your role.  The more you put into the activities, the more the students (and you) will get out of them!