LAL St Mary’s University Host Home Programme Procedure

The Welfare Manager will be responsible for the smooth running of the Host Home Programme, ensuring that the host homes follow the Code of Conduct as specified by the British Council and that can be found in the Host Home Manual. It is vital that you, the Welfare Manager, actively encourage and maintain open communication between all members of staff, host home students and host homes, ensuring that all parties are aware of timetables and any changes that may occur during the running of the centre. Keep in mind that students staying in host homes cannot access information as freely and easily as students staying on campus.

The Welfare Manager must take care to ensure that all members of staff are fully aware of the Host Home Programme and its students. After the main induction, you will have a meeting with all senior staff to give a briefing on how duties regarding the Host Home Programme should be carried out. In your briefing you should cover:


  • Host Home Register/Briefing
  • Host Home Timetable
  • Arrivals/Departures/Late Evenings
  • Delivering Information to Students
  • Code of Conduct Regarding Vulnerable People


Host Home Register/Briefing

The Host Home Register should be at the Welfare Manager’s desk at all

times. This register should be updated every day by the member of staff covering the opening of the office. Once the register has been updated it should be returned to the WM’s desk so that student absences can be dealt with by the welfare and academic teams.

Each evening there should be a host home student meeting at the office (at least 5 minutes before the scheduled leaving time) where students sign out and are informed of their timetable for the following day. It is vital that all Host Home students attend this meeting.


Host Home Timetable

You should ensure that all members of staff are aware of the Host Home Timetable. Please note that host home students spend the evening and have their evening meal with their host home twice a week (Sunday and Wednesday at 18:00) This is timetabled and host homes expect their students back on the time stated. This cannot be changed.


Arrivals/Departures/ Late Evenings/Bus Routes

The Welfare Manager is responsible for cross-referencing transfer reports and student lists in order to know at what time host home students arrive and depart.

The Welfare Manager is responsible for emailing the host homes with arrival and departure information (at least 5 days before arrival/departure.

The Excursion Manager or Leisure Manager will be responsible for booking taxis for students’ arrivals and departures as well as on evenings when excursions finish later than 10 pm (if in doubt contact Head Office). The Welfare Manager is responsible for giving the correct information to the Excursion Manager and Leisure Manager (e.g. student names and addresses).

Students will need to be walked to the nearest bus stop in the evening and take public transport to their hosts. The WM must ensure they know their routes and are given travelcards on arrival day (a map of bus routes will be produced during the WM). The WM will ensure that the OM tops up the travelcards/oystercards every week (the day before this happens, the WM will ensure that students leave their travelcards on the OM’s desk).

On arrival day, the Host Home will be responsible for one collection between 16:00 and 18:00. The hosts will need to be informed of when their student/s will be ready for pick-up (depending on their scheduled arrival time from the airport at the centre). LAL will be responsible for additional journeys where hosts have multiple students, if they have already collected students on that specific day. The Welfare Manager will ensure that students have been given their oystercards by the Office Manager and that they have been collected by the Host Home.

On departure day, any student who has an early departure (leaving for the airport before 8:00) will be collected by LAL by taxi and taken to the centre first. They will then be taken from the centre to the airport. It is essential that the Welfare Manager ensures that the Office Manager knows about early collections from Host Homes so that the passport and other money/documents are ready to be given to an Activity Leader/driver. The Welfare Manager will also ensure that the host home knows what time the taxi will arrive at the house to pick the student/s up.

Where a family has one student leaving after 8:00 and another leaving much later in the day, the family will take both/all students in one journey. The Welfare Officer will ensure that late departure students are looked after.


Delivering Information

The skills and experience of the teachers are essential in delivering information to students; they will have the knowledge of how to communicate with a range of different levels and abilities. Host home students will be highlighted on class registers so that teachers know which of their students are on the Host Home Programme and can check if they are aware of their timetable. The Academic Manager will be responsible for highlighting host home students on the class register and the Welfare Manager will ensure that this happens.

On arrival students will have a small induction with the Welfare Manager to make the programme clear and answer any questions or queries.

Clear communication is paramount, and you should always be aware of your use of English and grade your language to reflect the needs of your students. In some cultures it is polite to say ‘yes’ even if you do not understand. You should use concept check questions such as ‘what time is your excursion?’ ‘Where is the meeting point?’ to check your students’ understanding. Try not to ask ‘yes and no’ questions such as ‘do you understand?’ as students are likely to say ‘yes’ whether they understand you or not.

Clear communication is paramount for the general running of your centre but especially important for students taking part in the Host Home programme.


Vulnerable People and the Code of Conduct

Members of staff should alert a senior member of staff if they see any signs that suggest that host homes are not following the Code of Conduct towards Vulnerable People (The code of conduct can be found in the Host Home Manual which is available onsite).


If you have any questions regarding the Host Home Programme please speak to your Centre Manager or contact the Summer Schools Operations and Welfare Co-ordinator at