UK Summer Schools Accommodation & Sharing Procedure



LAL Summer Schools will endeavour to place students in accommodation that will serve the purpose of providing the student with a safe and comfortable environment.


The allocation of young learners, adult group leaders and members of staff to residential accommodation will follow LAL’s policy, which is 1 adult for every 15 students in the building (1:15).


Please note that IGLs can only assume responsibility for their own students. If you have 40 students in one residence and 5 are from a group with 1 IGL, you need a minimum of 3 LAL staff in the residence to cover supervision for 35 students.


LAL staff also assist IGLs with the supervision of their students.


LAL Summer Schools will ensure privacy from members of the opposite sex. Therefore, girls and boys will be allocated to separate accommodation houses/blocks where possible, or separated corridors when it is not possible to separate the entire house. Good signage clearly showing which areas are for girls and which are for boys is key here.


Where possible, rooms requests will be carried out to the best of our ability, but this is dependent on availability and layout of the accommodation.


LAL Summer Schools accommodation can range from being set in independent boarding schools containing mostly multi-bedded rooms to being located in private schools or universities, which only offer single rooms.



Where multiple-bedded rooms are used, students of the same or similar age are accommodated together. The age range should not exceed five years.


Where accommodation is single room, students will be placed as close to their friend and/or siblings as possible.


Where a request is not made for students to be accommodated together, we will try to mix student nationalities within each room and accommodation house where there are multiple houses. The person who is allocating should take into consideration the age and nationality of the student/s. If, for example, there are two individual students from the same country who do not know each other and they are at the lower range of the age scale, their English might not be good enough to easily integrate with other nationalities and we would aim to place them together for their piece of mind.



When an agent or individual makes a particular rooming request, it should be made clear that we cannot guarantee it unless it is 100% certain that we can fulfil the request. We should inform them that we will do our very best to do so and in most cases we will be able to accommodate the request.



Groups often want to be kept together so it is important that we follow these requests as much as possible.


Agents who send groups should fill in the Group Booking Form which has a field for sharing preferences. This information should also be on the Master List and the Welfare Manager and House Parents should do everything possible to grant the requests.


Individual requests may have been logged with the Summer Schools Head Office. The Welfare Manager will be provided with this information when allocating rooms, and it should also be on the Master List.


Room Moves

Room moves are usually only done under exceptional circumstances.


Should a request come through from a student/agent/IGL or parent to move a YL into a different room you will need to listen to their reason for this. They need to feel that we understand their problem and that we care.


If they have a good reason for the move and it is possible to do so without causing issues to future room allocations the move can be made. Examples are: two students keep arguing and it’s best for everyone to separate them; or a student is feeling isolated and home sick and is not getting on with their roommate – moving them might help to improve their stay.


If the request comes from an IGL or an agent and you are not sure about it, for instance an IGL might be saying they have been promised that all of their students will be placed together, please get in touch with the Operations Manager. It is important that we maintain a good relationship with the IGL and the agent.


Night Time Ratios



1:20 (12-17)





Bathroom/Shower Ratios