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Director of Studies

The role of Director of Studies is one of high responsibility, directly concerned with the education and welfare of overseas young learner students, as well as the management and support of all academic staff on site, ensuring students receive the best possible education during their stay.
The DOS must implement, co-ordinate and manage the academic programme for the full duration of the course with the assistance of the staff from Head Office. It is the DOS' role to support the teachers in delivering all aspects of the LAL YL syllabus, whilst also carrying out administrative duties relating to the academic management of your centre.
The ideal Director of Studies will be conscientious and organised with a high regard for the education of overseas junior students. They will have experience of managing a team of teachers, delivering effective teaching training, conducting developmental observations and the administrative duties needed to lead a school.
The post-holder is required to engage in all aspects of summer school work (including encouraging and supporting your team of teachers in their non-teaching duties) as directed by the Centre Manager and the team at head office.
  • Salary: £415 - £515 per week
  • Location: Brighton
  • Division: LALSS - Summer Schools
  • Contract length: Seasonal

(Posted in Brighton, UK Summer Schools, on 20th April 2017)

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Design and Communications Assistant

To support the Design & Communications department in producing marketing, display and student materials and maintaining the corporate image of the company.
  • Salary: £10.25 per hour
  • Location: Torbay
  • Division: LALLC
  • Contract length: Permanent

(Posted in All Jobs, LAL Language Centres Holding Ltd (Torbay), on 31st March 2017)

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Non-Residential EFL Teacher / Activity Leader

To teach English to foreign students aged 12-18 years and lead afternoon and evening activities and excursions. The role of Summer School EFL Teacher is one of responsibility, directly concerned with the education and welfare of foreign junior students. The ideal Activity Leader will be fun, energetic and outgoing as well as have a high level of responsibility and authority. We aim for all our Activity Leaders to have as much fun as possible whilst always acting with high regard for the rules and policies of LAL and maintaining discipline throughout the course.
  • Salary: $420 per week
  • Location: Fort Lauderdale, FL
  • Division: LAL USA
  • Contract length: Summer Job

(Posted in All Jobs, LAL Boston, LAL Fort Lauderdale, USA, on 9th March 2017)

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