Office Manager

Line Manager:                      

Deputy Center Manager / Center Manager

Hours of Work/Employment Agreement Type:

Your normal hours of work are 48 per week over a five and a half day week. You may be required to work additional hours when requested to meet the needs of the school. This position involves working weekends and other unsocial hours.

Responsibilities & Tasks

    • To attend an expenses-paid induction period prior to the beginning of the employment agreement (date and location dependent on Summer School) and to have read and be fully conversant with the employee handbook prior to the start of the period of employment (documents supplied prior to start of employment).
    • To live on-site, board and lodging provided as part of the salary package, from six days prior to the start of the course until the last contracted day (which will include the day after students have left). It may also be possible for the Office Manager to live off-site if access to the Summer School is convenient.
    • To participate fully in all aspects of the induction period prior to the start of the course. This may include the unpacking, inventorying and setting up of all summer school offices.
    • To participate fully in the closing down of the summer school the day after all students have left.


Office Manager

    • To carry out all tasks concerned with the setting up, administration and closing down of the course office as advised by line management.
    • To assist the Center Manager in establishing systems for the effective management of the course office including IT and telephonic communication.
    • To assist the Center Manager and Leisure Manager in organising and maintaining Staff Meal and other rotas.
    • To assist the Center Manager in establishing systems for the managing of student pocket money, valuables, passports and flight tickets.
    • To manage on a day-to-day basis the depositing and withdrawing of student pocket monies, course fees, sale of merchandise and other transactions.
    • To manage flight tickets and passports pertaining to up to 400 foreign students.
    • To assist the Center Manager in all duties as required ensuring a high quality of administration.
    • To assist, if necessary, other senior staff with the maintenance and management of administrative files/documents.
    • To protect the property and equipment of the designated host school and LAL, maintaining security and avoiding loss and/or damage in the residences.
    • To be responsible for ensuring all details on student bookings are understood by the appropriate departments including welfare, academic and leisure.
    • To create a working relationship with the Leisure Manager, where both managers will be responsible for the completion of the following spreadsheets:
      • Transfers Reconciliation Sheet
      • Activities and Excursions Reconciliation Sheets
      • Optional Excursions Register
    • To be responsible for and reconcile petty cash on a daily basis.


    • To actively promote the welfare of LAL clients, including agents and students at all times.
    • To act in a seemly and professional manner with all of LAL’s agents, clients and staff and not to engage in any activity which may bring LAL or the designated host school into disrepute.
    • To dress in a manner commensurate with the roles demanded of the position; smart casual for the office. Any uniform supplied by LAL is to be returned at the end of the course.
    • To carry out any other duties as may be reasonably assigned by the Center Manager.
    • To deal with all student, IGL and University representatives’ issues, complaints and suggestions in a positive and effective manner and in adherence with the relevant LAL policies and procedures.

Person Specification:

The letters in brackets denote how LAL will establish if you meet our criteria and how that will be determined. The letters have the following meaning: (A) = Application Form, (I) = Interview, (R) = Reference and (T) = Test.

E.g. experience in an office environment experience will be determined by the information provided by the candidate on the application form (A) and through questions at Interview (I).


Education, Training and Knowledge

  • a) A good level of computer literacy (A/I/T)
  • b) A thorough understanding of Microsoft Office with particular emphasis on Word, Excel and Outlook (A/I/T)

Relevant Work Experience

  • a) At least 1 year’s experience in an office environment (A/I)
  • b) Experience of handling large sums of cash (A/I)
  • c) Experience of reconciling local accounts, both electronically and manually (A/I)
  • d) Experience or understanding of safekeeping valuables in a professional environment (A/I)
  • e) Experience of working with young people (A/I/R)

Skills and Abilities

  • a) A good telephone manner (A/I)
  • b) Patient and unflappable demeanour (A/I)
  • c) Dynamic ‘can do’ approach to work (A/I)
  • d) Excellent communication skills (A/I)
  • e) Responsible approach to working with juniors (A/I)
  • f) Ability to work under pressure (A/I)

Other Attributes

  • a) Satisfactory criminal background check or equivalent (A/R)


Education, Training and Knowledge

  • a) Educated to degree level or equivalent (A)
  • b) Relevant qualification in Office Administration, book keeping or related field (A/I)
  • c) Microsoft Office qualification (A)
  • d) Good working knowledge of at least one foreign language (A/I)

In the event of a successful interview, the applicant will be offered the position and a reply in the first instance either by email or in writing will be required.

A formal offer, confirming location, hours, dates and remuneration will be sent upon receipt of your email acceptance of the position. This will need to be signed and posted and/or scanned and emailed by return.

Any offer of work is subject to a face-to-face interview on arrival, a satisfactory background check or equivalent and favourable references (all references will ask specifically whether there is any reason why you should not be employed in situations where you will have responsibility for, or substantial access to, persons under 18).

An electronic version of the employee handbook, containing the general terms and conditions of employment, will be made available in advance, with acceptance of these terms to be signed at induction on your first day.

Employment Agreement is considered fulfilled upon completion of an appraisal and all requisite feedback forms.


To be responsible for all financial management, student registration and to assist the Center Manager/Senior Staff in all aspects of office administration at the designated summer school. The role of Office Manager is one of high responsibility, directly concerned with the welfare and administration of overseas junior students, their money and important documents. This requires the post-holder to take overall responsibility for the financial and administrative management of the course and manage a small office subject to high volume and high-pressured workloads. The ideal Office Manager will be a capable and experienced book keeper and administrator. They will be highly organised and conscientious in regards to the safe keeping of student documentation. They will be able to work effectively in a highly pressurised environment.

  • Salary: $620 per week
  • Location: Boca Raton or New York
  • Division: LAL USA
  • Contract lengthSummer Job

Applications have now closed for this position.

We have left the details here for your reference only