Recruitment Co-ordinator (USSS & YLP)

Line Manager:             

US Young Learner Operations Manager

Hours of Work/Employment Agreement Type:

Your normal hours of work are 40 per week over a five day week. You may be required to work additional hours when requested to meet the needs of the school.

Responsibilities & Tasks

    • Assist the US Young Learner Operations Manager in all aspects of preparing & organising the summer school and young learner programs.
    • Co-ordinate administration and communication regarding the recruitment, assessment and selection of all staff (Academic, Leisure, Welfare and Senior) for all Summer School and young learner programs.
    • To be fully conversant with relevant HR procedures for staff recruitment, including staff assessment and selection.
    • To conduct formal face-to-face or telephone interviews using a scoring matrix to assess suitability of candidates for all positions within the summer school and young learner programs.
    • To maintain accurate records connected to the recruitment of staff including the drawing up of employment agreements and ensuring these agreements are signed prior to commencement of candidates’ employment.
    • To ensure staff have all qualifications necessary for employment, including formal academic/leisure/welfare qualifications, identity documents and visa/right to work documents.
    • To ensure all communication between LAL and confirmed/prospective employees is dealt with in an efficient, professional and effective manner.
    • To request references for all new employees before they commence employment with LAL and the subsequent management and retention of references.
    • Providing written and/or verbal references for current and past employees of LAL Summer Schools and Young Learner Programs as requested.
    • Proof-reading & editing of any summer school and young learner program materials deemed necessary.
    • To be vigilant in providing and creating improvements to all aspects of the Summer School and Young Learner Program remit.
    • To liaise with the US Young Learner Operations Manager on a daily basis and act as a hub for all communication, ensuring all messaging flows promptly.
    • To act in a seemly and professional manner with all of LAL’s agents, clients and staff and not to engage in any activity which may bring LAL or the designated Summer School or Young Learner Program into disrepute.
    • To dress in a manner commensurate with the roles demanded of the position; in keeping with LAL dress code.
    • To carry out any other duties that may be reasonably assigned by the US Young Learner Programs Operations Manager.

Person Specification:

The letters in brackets denote how LAL will establish if you meet our criteria and how that will be determined. The letters have the following meaning: (A) = Application Form, (I) = Interview, (R) = Reference and (T) = Test.

E.g. experience of working with young people will be determined by the information provided by the candidate on the application form (A) and through questions at Interview (I)


Education, Training and Knowledge

  • a) College Degree (A)
  • b) Strong command of the English Language (A/I)
  • c) Good knowledge of the summer school industry (A/I/T)
  • d Computer literate, with a specific focus on Microsoft excel (A)

Relevant Work Experience

  • a) At least 3 years’ experience of working in a summer school setting (A/I/R)

Skills and Abilities

  • a) Must work well as part of a team (A/I)
  • c) Ability to work under pressure (A/I)
  • d) Dynamic ‘can do’ approach to work (A/I)
  • e) Endless energy and enthusiasm (A/I)

Other Attributes

  • a) Excellent communication skills (A/I)
  • b) Some knowledge of foreign cultures (A/I)
  • d) Satisfactory criminal background check or equivalent (A/R)


Education, Training and Knowledge

  • a) Driving license (A)
  • b) Office administration experience
  • c) Knowledge of employment law in Florida, New York and Massachusetts.

Other Attributes

  • a) Willing to travel

In the event of a successful interview, the applicant will be offered the position and a reply in the first instance either by email or in writing will be required.

A formal offer, confirming location, hours, dates and remuneration will be sent upon receipt of your email acceptance of the position. This will need to be signed and posted and/or scanned and emailed by return.

Any offer of work is subject to a face-to-face interview on arrival, a satisfactory background check or equivalent and favourable references (all references will ask specifically whether there is any reason why you should not be employed in situations where you will have responsibility for, or substantial access to, persons under 18).

An electronic version of the employee handbook, containing the general terms and conditions of employment, will be made available in advance, with acceptance of these terms to be signed at induction on your first day.

Employment Agreement is considered fulfilled upon completion of an appraisal and all requisite feedback forms.



To be the primary person responsible for recruiting staff for our US Summer Schools and Young Learner Programs and managing all subsequent recruitment administration. To assist the Summer Schools General Manager and Young Learner Programs Co-ordinator with all elements involved with the effective and efficient preparation of the US Summer Schools and Young Learner programs.

  • Salary: To be discussed during interview
  • Location: 5727 North Federal Highway, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33308
  • Division: LAL USA
  • Contract lengthTemporary

Applications have now closed for this position.

We have left the details here for your reference only