Learn to Teach English at LAL

Our CELTA and DELTA courses are a great way to start or develop your teaching career.

LAL’s schools in Torbay and Malta don’t just teach English: we also offer training courses for English teachers.

If you want to learn to teach English to non-native speakers, then the CELTA course is a great starting point. It leads to an internationally-recognised initial qualification in teaching English and is designed for those with little or no English Language teaching experience.

If you have experience teaching English and want to extend your experience and responsibility, then the DELTA diploma course is a great option. This 8-month modular course is designed for teachers with a range of English Language Teaching experience, who want to continue their professional development.


The CELTA course is designed for people with little or no English teaching experience.  It is a stimulating but demanding course, and lasts for 120 hours. During this time you will receive around 50 hours of input sessions, complete 6 hours of assessed teaching practice and spend 6 hours observing experienced and qualified teachers. It is a very practical course which will raise your awareness of language and learning, and give you a range of techniques to use in the classroom. You will be given plenty of help with lesson planning, and there will be tutorials to help ensure you are getting the most from your course. You can choose to do the course full-time or part-time; the syllabus for these courses are the same.

The full-time intensive course runs over four weeks and is particularly demanding, but suits people who are keen to get qualified quickly. You will be teaching every other day, and will need to work most evenings and weekends on lesson planning and written assignments.

Applicants for these courses need to have a standard of education equivalent to that required for entry into higher education a minimum of 2 A levels or equivalent. The course is open to people from all language backgrounds. All participants must have a competence in English (equivalent to IELTS 8 or 9), both written and spoken, that will enable them to follow the course and complete all assessed and non-assessed elements successfully.

The CELTA course is offered at LAL Torbay and IELS Malta.


The DELTA Course is intended for experienced teachers wishing to extend their knowledge and teaching skills and leads to the most widely recognised Diploma in English Language Teaching. It places an emphasis on the integration of practical classroom approaches with a thorough understanding of language systems and learning theories.
The course is run on a semi-intensive basis and covers  Modules 1, 2 and 3 of the DELTA. The programme consists of a  6-week intensive course in January / February , followed by 12 weeks of online support and ending with a further 1-week intensive course in May. Module 1 is assessed by an exam taken in June; Module 2 is assessed through a series of  Teaching Assignments, which demonstrate the integration of classroom skills, theoretical knowledge and the ability to develop professionally to meet new challenges. Module 3 is an extended written assignment which involves designing a course. The DELTA is open to people from all language backgrounds who have at least two years of teaching experience. All participants must have a competence in English (equivalent to IELTS 8 or 9), both written and spoken, that will enable them to follow and complete the course successfully.

The DELTA course is offered at LAL Torbay and IELS Malta.


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