Welfare Manager

To be responsible for the welfare of all students both on and off-site of the designated summer school. To both lead and support all welfare staff in ensuring students receive appropriate care and supervision whilst maintaining discipline throughout the course.

  • Salary: GBP 395 - 435 per week, including accommodation allowance
  • Location: UK Summer Schools
  • Division: LAL UK Summer Schools
  • Contract length: Summer Job
To Apply: Please ensure that you meet the requirements in the Job Description and Person Specification before applying. To apply for a post, please fill in our online application form. Click to apply online
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The role of Welfare Manager is directly concerned with the welfare of overseas junior students as well as the training, management and support of all welfare staff. This requires the post-holder to take overall responsibility for the preparation and operation of all welfare provisions.

The ideal Welfare Manager will be responsible, highly organised and conscientious in their approach to welfare issues and must adhere to LAL’s Child Safeguarding policy and British Council requirements. The Welfare Manager will be responsible for the allocation of rooms to all students and staff. They will have successful experience of leading and motivating a team as well as effectively dealing with the First Aid and the pastoral needs of overseas junior students.

Main Responsibilities and Tasks:

People Management Responsibilities

To manage the welfare team (Assistant Welfare Manager, House Parents, Leisure Coordinators and Activity Leaders) to ensure the smooth delivery of welfare provision at the Summer School, including:

  • Training the welfare team in accordance with LAL policies and procedures; ensuing that all staff meet the standard expected of them.
  • Working closely with any Assistant Welfare Managers, delegating tasks in order to ensure deadlines are met.
  • Briefing welfare staff on all aspects of their responsibilities, including detailed briefings in advance of arrivals and departures, and supporting them throughout the course.
  • Ensuring the welfare team have the information and equipment they need in order to perform their roles well, including important health and safety information regarding the residences.
  • Managing the suitable allocation of staff to House Parent duty in liaison with other senior members of summer school staff.
  • Monitoring welfare staff to ensure they are engaging with students and International Group Leaders to deliver welfare provision which meets LAL policies and procedures.
  • Liaising with staff, students and International Group Leaders on the welfare provision, putting strategies in place to constantly improve the team’s delivery and find appropriate solutions to students’ problems.


Welfare Responsibilities

  • To deal with and be responsible for the individual welfare needs of every student in the summer school.
  • To be responsible for carrying out damage checks to rooms and facilities before student arrivals, keeping detailed records of any damage found.
  • To actively ensure that damage is kept to a minimum and all damages are investigated and followed up, including liaising with the on-site maintenance team.
  • To be responsible for allocating students to accommodation houses and rooms, and arranging any student moves, after consultation with the Centre Manager.
  • To maintain the Accident/Incident Logs regarding any problems or illnesses to students or staff.
  • To work closely with Head Office to ensure the successful and safe running of the Homestay package (where applicable).
  • To work with leisure management in arranging transport and staff supervision for students staying with homestay hosts to and from the school (where required).
  • To be on call for any welfare issues and communicate any welfare issues to the Centre Manager.
  • To liaise with other senior staff to ensure that any students that are absent from class or activities/excursions are located.
  • To arrange doctor/dentist/hospital appointments and supervision as required.
  • To assist students where necessary in being on time for meals, transport arrangements and all planned activities, including supervising students at meal times.
  • To assist House Parents in ensuring students are in their accommodation in time for bed.
  • To ensure, when not on duty, that the Assistant Welfare Manager and/or Centre Manager are apprised of all necessary information.
  • To deputise for the Centre Manager as required.
  • To hold the school’s emergency telephone as required.


Other Responsibilities

  • To be fully engaged with students and International Group Leaders in the rigours of summer school work, providing excellent customer service while delivering the LAL Summer School product.
  • To consistently ensure the welfare of the students remains paramount.
  • To live on-site, board and lodging provided as part of the salary package, from four days prior to the start of the course to attend induction training, until the end of the last contracted day.
  • To carry out all tasks concerned with the setting up, administration and closing down of the course as advised by line management.
  • To address any student, International Group Leader or host site representatives issues, complaints or suggestions by ensuring that the relevant LAL staff are made aware.
  • To act in a friendly and professional manner with all of LAL’s agents, clients and staff and not to engage in any activity which may bring LAL or the designated host school into disrepute.
  • To assist all students, International Group Leaders and LAL agents to derive the maximum benefit from the course.
  • To follow all LAL policies and procedures, including but not limited to dress code, safeguarding, maintaining student discipline and avoiding loss and/or damage to LAL property or property belonging to the host school.
  • To read and be fully conversant with all training materials relating to the role, and all pertinent British Council Accreditation requirements, prior to the start of the period of employment.
  • To attend and lead all required meetings.
  • To be flexible to carry out any other duties as may be reasonably assigned by the Summer School management team, either in centre or at Head Office, including covering House Parent duties when necessary.


Person Specification:

The letters in brackets denote how LAL will establish if you meet our criteria and how that will be determined. The letters have the following meaning: (A) = Application Form, (I) = Interview, (R) = Reference and (T) = Test.


E.g. previous Summer School experience will be determined by the information provided by the candidate on the application form (A) and through questions at Interview (I)



Education, Training and Knowledge

  • a) A Level Standard or equivalent (A)
  • b) Very good level of spoken and written English (CEFR B2 minimum, e.g. FCE/IELTS 5-6.5) (A/I)
  • c) Computer literate with emphasis on Microsoft Outlook & Excel (A/I/T)
  • d) A good understanding of children’s welfare (A/I)


Relevant Work Experience

  • a) Previous Summer School experience (A/I)
  • b) Experience of working with young people (A/I)


Skills and Abilities

  • a) ‘Can do’ approach to work (A/I)
  • b) Excellent communication skills (A/I)
  • c) Ability to both lead and support a team (A/I)
  • d) Responsible approach to working with juniors (A/I)
  • e) Ability to work under pressure and be adaptable (A/I)


Other Attributes

  • a) Satisfactory DBS disclosure or equivalent (A)
  • b) Some knowledge of foreign cultures (A/I)



Education, Training and Knowledge

  • a) NVQ (National Vocational Qualification) or equivalent in a relevant discipline (A)
  • b) First Aid certificate/Life Guard certificate (A)
  • c) Good knowledge of either local culture, sports and/or arts & crafts/performing arts (A/I)
  • d) Experience using Microsoft Office365 (A)


Relevant Work Experience

  • a) Previous summer school experience in a similar role (A/I)
  • b) Experience working in a similar position. (A/I)


Skills and Abilities

  • a) Good working knowledge of at least one foreign language (A/I)
  • b) Driving licence


Core salary and bonuses

  • Weekly basic salary: GBP 395
  • Maximum weekly bonus: GBP 50
    (full information will be provided at interview)


Returning Staff

Returning staff will be paid an additional GBP 15 per week for their second year with LAL, and an additional GBP 5 for each additional year worked up to a maximum of GBP 30 per week.

Accommodation Allowance

The basic salary for this residential role includes an accommodation allowance of GBP 42 per week. Non-residential staff will be paid an additional allowance of GBP 42 per week.